Ghost Train (Kiim FM​/​Nash Demo)

by Keith Abbott



Sneak peak at tile track from forthcoming album "Ghost Train", to be released sometime late August 2017. Track showcased temporarily for Kiim/Nash Next 2017 contest. All rights reserved.


Ghost Train
by Keith Abbott

Well you're feelin' past your prime
Like an old railroad sign
'side of tracks that don't lead nowhere anymore
And wouldn't you give your last dime
Just to hear that whistle whine
Have their eyes look on you knowin' that you wouldn't lie

(Chorus 1)
But you know that it's the ties that bind
And all of yours have left your line
For a bar that opened somewhere in New York
Yet still you'd sell your soul
Just to see her rock 'n' roll
Knowin' full well that if she came, it would be a wreck

Oh friend please take a page
Even if they gathered 'round that stage
To see the damage done and figure out the cost
The last thing on their mind
Would be an old railroad sign
'fact, no one would even care if they read you wrong

(Chorus 2)
But if it's a friend you need
Perhaps you know somewhere to lean
For a weary soul that's walked a lonely mile
And your cold hardened steel
May begin to remember how it feels
To be simply warmed by a grateful stranger's smile

Well now my time has come
And I must be movin' on
'fact, perhaps you wouldn't mind holdin' my coat
And if my friends come askin' 'round
Tell 'em that I'm nowhere to be found
Gone on just like the thunder in the iron road

(Chorus 3)
But if it's a friend they need
Perhaps you know somewhere to lean
For a weary soul that's walked a lonely mile
And if they've lost all earthly ties
Are neither in the ground nor in the sky
'can smile as you tell 'em, Well soon your train 'll be along


released June 26, 2017
Recorded at Palo Verde Recording, Tucson.



all rights reserved


Keith Abbott Tucson, Arizona


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